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Canadian Tax

We specialize in corporate tax compliance and tax planning for owner-managed businesses.   Seeking ways to minimize the tax burden on an annual basis is a key component to our clients' ongoing satisfaction. 

Our specialists in technology and life sciences also offer SR&ED recovery services, and other business tax incentives including non-dilutive financing.

Domestic Tax Services


Corporate Tax

Canada has tax laws that are frequently changing and can be complex when operating in Canada.  We help owner-managed businesses navigate through tax compliance issues.  

Our tax advisors work through tax issues with you and identify if there are tax savings to be found.  We can help prepare and file your T2 corporate tax returns as part of our tax compliance services.

Business Meeting

SR&ED and Business Tax Incentives

Our SR&ED and Business Tax Incentives team is technology-focused and consists of engineers and accountants.  Our objective is to assist your Canadian business in applying for tax refunds with the CRA.

Your business may also be on the edge of untapped government funding available to various companies in differing sectors.  We assist in researching what grants and subsidies are available to help accelerate your business. 


Personal Tax

We provide personal tax return preparation as a value-added service while integrating factors from our clients' corporate tax situations to minimize overall taxes.  

We also provide services for sole proprietors and self-employed individuals. 

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