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SR&ED and Business Tax Incentives

Maximizing Recoverability

SR&ED and Tax Incentives: Welcome

Our Process

Our SR&ED and Business Tax Incentives team is technology-focused and consists of engineers and accountants.  Our objective is to assist your Canadian business in applying for tax refunds with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).  

Working alongside your technical team, we structure our process through:

  • Identifying and scoping which projects and expenditures would qualify under the SR&ED program​

  • Interview your technical team for detailed information about your projects

  • Create and write technical descriptions of the eligible projects and R&D activities and prepare the T661 forms

  • Review the claim forms with technical leads and management to ensure it is complete and accurate

  • Offer guidance on time tracking tools to streamline the ongoing identification of SR&ED efforts

Our team of SR&ED experts can help you with the entire filing process, from preparing the claim, to CRA audit and review defense  assistance.   We prepare both the technical description required for the SR&ED claim, as well as the financial model required for submission to the CRA.   Our work is generally provided on a contingency basis, or a fixed fee review model in some cases.  Audit support, should it be required, is included within the full service contingency model.

Business Incentives

Your business may also be on the edge of untapped government funding available to various companies in differing sectors.  We assist in researching what grants and subsidies are available to help accelerate your business.   We can help you access grants and government incentives such as:

  • Technology Adoption

  • Business Scale-Up

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Film and Video Development

Documents and Blurred Business Men

About the SR&ED Program

If you are spending funds on researching and developing new products, processes or technologies, you may be eligible for a refund from the Government of Canada based on eligible expenditures.  Each year, the CRA provides over $3.5 billion in federal and provincial funding through the SR&ED program.  

Companies who are spending efforts on projects that contain elements of technological uncertainty, technological advancement and content can benefit from applying to this program.  

Though Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPC's) will benefit the most at the highest rate, non-CCPC's and partnerships may also apply.

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